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About myself

 I enjoy working with wood and the smell of pine is something I enjoy being around. So it just seemed natural to start building something unique from one of my favorite woods. So log furniture came to mind, and I thought it would be nice to give others a small piece of Black Hills to enjoy, no matter where you live. So we cut or purchase the Ponderosa Pine that we use from the Black Hills of South Dakota, bring it back to our shop where we prepare it for use, to build many different items. 

This has been a passion most of my life and reality since 2001 as the passion grows stronger with every piece I build.


Special Information on our products

Hand peeled poles have irregularities, which makes each piece unique. Log diameters vary,and knots create unusual shapes. Our furniture when outdoors will usually gray with age,  like all types of wood, unless specially treated. The natural drying prosecc creates checks  in the logs (lengthwise cracks) which do not effect its strength, so do not be alarmed when you notice these. The checks just further contribute to the uniqueness of the piece. If a finish is desired  we usually finish our products with 2 or more coats of polyurethane made for interior or exterior use. This finish is a good hard one but does not last forever. If you leave the furniture out doors you should put on another coat of finish after each 6 to 12 month period. Indoors the finish should be ok for  5-8 or more years depending upon use, if you see it wearing badly it would be a good idea to refinish. You can use any of high end oil based finishes that are out there.

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